"Az egyetlen dolog, amit biztosan tudnod kell, az a könyvtár helye." Albert Einstein

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Welcome dear reader on the home page of the Municipal Library of Újfehértó.

The Municipal Library, this cultural education institute of the municipal government of Újfehértó systematizes, preserves and makes accessible for its users over 22 thousand library units (books, newspapers, journals, CD etc.).

By going online we hope to be able to show our collections and services more widely, thus raising the number of our readers and the users of our services – individual researchers, inquirers, libraries and representatives of institutions – both through the network in front of the monitors both in the library.

We, librarians would like the services of the municipal library to be as common as the daily shopping or any other every day routine or recreation for everyone. Our staff will do their best so that by the fast, precise and polite helpfulness we will provide information cultural and educational opportunities for as many residents of Újfehértó and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County as possible.



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