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Children’s library collection

Children’s library collection

It is the task of the Municipal Library to raise interest in reading among children under 14, to provide a variety of books for them, help them to carry out their school duties and to give them a opportunity to spend their leisure time useful.

In compliance with the above mentioned the collection of the Children’s department is variegated: besides the entertaining readings the library has a numerous collection of educational books. The aim is to provide the children with different field of interest with a satisfying range of books and to get help for their hobbies through books.

The long-term objective of the children’s library is that the children readers of the present will hold on to reading as a form of education and entertainment after becoming adults. We try to achieve this through providing them with the right collection, and readings suitable for the age and personality of the children and with the offer of interesting programs.

The thematical sections of the collection

  • Folded leaflet, picture book
  • Poetry books for children
  • Fairy-tales
  • Educational books (selection)
  • Juvenile literature (adventure, history, biographical, animal, children’s books, fantastic and girl’s books)
  • Compulsory and recommended literature
  • Guidebooks (encyclopedias, reference books, dictionaries, works that summarize a certain topic, selection of picture albums)
  • Children’s library manuals (selection)

The use of the children’s department

The services of the children’s department is available for everyone regardless of age, who is interested in children’s literature or in the library’s collection.
The use of the children’s department under the age of 16 is free of charge. The member of the Municipal Library can use children’s department as well.



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